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Wildlife & Friends


Many of our neighbors have four legs!

We live among them, and they appear to tolerate us. A big part of living in Rancho Murieta is the abundance of wildlife that we encounter daily. Any street traffic may be briefly halted by a passing family of black-tailed deer, with mothers, fawns with teenagers all looking for a green snack from someone’s yard. Often coyotes can be seen at night in the open spaces.

The turkeys congregate as well, with the hens roaming in larger flocks while the males are congregating on the golf courses. Not to be outdone by the wandering grey squirrels, chipmunks, possum, and raccoons. Blue-belly and alligator lizards scurry to a sunny spot on a rock, while the frogs croak throughout the night when the bats are patrolling the skies for insects. There are many varieties of snakes here, which are beneficial to the ecosystem and that includes the occasional rattlesnake.

The birds are magnificent, from the scrub jays, egrets, hummers, woodpeckers, herons, Swainson hawk, owls and our own resident eagle family. The adorable little quail parents sprint around their brood of chicks to keep them all together.

The lifestyle of Rancho Murieta is one of delightful rural living with all the modern amenities of the 21st century, a far cry from the native tribes and gold-rush era settlers that lived here not so long ago.