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Tammy’s Ranch & Animal Adventure


Tammy’s Ranch & Animal Adventure is COVID conscientious and has prepared many virtual adventures on Zoom for people of all ages to enjoy.

They offer a fun experience for everyone through their Virtual Animal Adventures and Farm Club Experiences. Tammy’s packages have been tailored to meet your needs and include Summer Day Camps and Distance Learning Field Trips for children and Creative Real Estate Client Meetings and Board Room Breaks for adults, etc.

Tammy is a California credentialed teacher who has experience with differently-abled children. They are more than happy to create a customized package on behalf of your child’s needs or those of the attending members.

Day Camp

Join Tammy’s Ranch once a week for a month for a Virtual Day Camp Adventure. You will meet all their friendly animals – llamas, horses, chickens, sheep, goats, and ducks! Tammy’s Ranch will also give you a look into their daily farm life and yummy recipes using eggs, animal milk, and produce grown on their land.

Meet the Chicks

The Virtual Animal Adventure is an opportunity to learn about the love and care Tammy’s Ranch provides the growing baby animals. This is a great way to learn handling skills for your visit to cuddle the animals. Until your visit, Virtual Animal Adventure will provide you and your family with loads of fun!

Book Your Visit

Tammy’s Ranch offers special rates for groups of five or more.

Phone: (916) 936-3456