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Murieta Sports Car Group


With knowledge of the number and variety of sports cars in our Rancho Murieta community, a group of us have formed the Murieta Sports Car Group.  

We welcome one and all. The group is not marque specific. Any two seat vehicle is eligible to join in. Examples would be Porsche, Corvette, Miata, Cadillac XLR, Cobra, Austin Healey, Alphas and Jaguar XKE. No dues, officers or official bi-laws. The Group will be a driving group as well as a social group to get together on drives, have lunch, explore and have fun and primarily people meeting people and sharing interests that make a group successful. But mostly we will center around driving.

Anyone can plan an event. There will not be any one participant planning and coordinating events. Examples of future activities could be planned drives, impromptu drives, casual mild paced drives, spirited drives, back road drives, a drive to a restaurant, tours of interesting places, visiting scenic sites, car shows, cars and coffee visits and just plain social get togethers.

A fully registered street legal car with current insurance is a must.


Meet the Group

Orientation/signups will be held at the RMA building parking lot on Sunday, August 30 from 5:00 to 7:00.  Find out what the group is all about.  Meet the organizers.  Discover which cars are eligible to join in on the fun.  Bring your car.  We would love to see it.  Ask about what kinds of activities we have planned.  Find out about our first drive.  We encourage couples to join as plans include social events as well.  All owners of two-seaters are welcome.