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Community Services District


The Rancho Murieta Community Services District (CSD) provides essential services to an area of 3,500 acres (covering roughly five and a half square miles) located in the beautiful wooded hills of eastern Sacramento County. The approved master plan calls for residential development on 1,920 acres with single-family residences, townhouses, apartments, and mobile homes for a total of 5,189 units. Current estimates indicate Rancho Murieta has 2500 households with a population of over 6,000 persons. The community is a balanced blend of both custom and production homes, townhouses, mobile homes, and a thriving retail complex. In addition, an airport, office building, fire station, and equestrian center are located in the District. The District currently maintains over $43,000,000 in plant, property and equipment assets.

The District is an independent special district which provides the following services:

  • Water supply collection, treat­ment, and distribution
  • Wastewater collection, treatment, and reuse
  • Storm drainage collection, disposal, and flood control
  • Security
  • Solid waste collection and disposal

Administration Office:
15160 Jackson Road
Rancho Murieta, CA  95683
(916) 354-3700
(916) 354-2082 fax

Weekday Office Hours:
8:00 – Noon  /  1:00 – 5:00 PM

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1050
Rancho Murieta, CA  95683

Administrative Staff:
Tom Hennig, General Manager

Tina Talmantes, Interim Security Chief

Amelia Wilder, District Secretary

Cindy Chao, CPA & Controller

VACANT – Accounting Supervisor

Paul Siebensohn, Director of Field Operations

Travis Bohannon, Chief Plant Operator

Ron Greenfield, Utilities Supervisor

Security Assistance/Dispatch
916) 354-2273

Guest Registration (North Gate)
(916) 354-3742

Guest Registration (South Gate)
(916) 354-3743

James L. Noller Safety Center (VIPS)
(916) 354-8509 -or- (916) 354-8511

Jeff Werblun, Security Chief

Rick Tompkins, Patrol Sergeant

Water, Sewer, Drainage & Solid Waste
Water, Sewer & Drainage
(916) 354-3700

Emergencies (after hours)
(916) 354-3743

Solid Waste (garbage/recycle)
(916) 354-4154

Sacramento County Water Resources
(916) 875-4311
Flood Warnings -or- Call 311

Animal calls in Rancho Murieta
Contact Sacramento County Animal Control Services at 916-875-4311 or 311 or report on-line at

The District has suspended the practice of the Security Department responding to certain animal calls, such as: loose or capture dogs, taking custody of any animal, relocating or dealing with snakes, bats, or any other type of domestic or non-domestic animals.

Domestic animals
Security can assist if a dog is found by calling the owner with information we may have on file but we will not take custody of the dog or “babysit” it at either gate. The citizen holding onto the dog will be instructed to call Animal Control.

For more information on Sacramento County Animal Control policy, go to Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation website.

Non-domestic animals
Security will respond to an animal call if there is a threat to public safety such as an aggressive loose dog threatening or attacking people, animals in the roadway creating a hazard, or a bobcat sighting.

Response to aggressive or threatening animals will consist of our observing the animal and reporting it to Animal Control or the Department of Fish and Game.