Sacramento Region Emergency Notification System


The Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services, in partnership with Yolo and Placer County emergency agencies, cooperatively manage a state-of-the-art emergency alert system known as Sacramento Alert.  Sacramento Alert is a web-based application that enables authorized County, City, and Special District public safety officials to disseminate public safety information rapidly and efficiently to the residents of Sacramento.

Sacramento Alert utilizes “reverse 911” data and technology as well as contact information provided by citizens through our Citizen Opt-In portal.

To better ensure the receipt of public safety alert and warning notifications, residents are encouraged to log onto the Sacramento Alert Citizen Opt-In portal and provide their preferred and most optimal contact information through which they would like to receive notifications.  This can include phone numbers as well as email addresses and TTY device information.

All information in the Self Registration Opt-In Portal will be kept strictly confidential.

Residents will only receive alerts that are critical and time-sensitive, including: flooding, levee failures, severe​ weather, disaster events, unexpected road closures, missing persons, and evacuations of buildings or neighborhoods in specific geographic locations.

The system, which uses Everbridge​ Alert and Notifications System and serves the Tri-County area, is funded by the Homeland Security Grants Program (HSGP) and supported through the Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services.

For additional information about how to prepare for an emergency, go to ​www.Sa​

Emergency Preparedness & Evacuation
(Plan issued by RMA Fall 2019)
Rancho Murieta Emergency Preparedness Plan

Sacramento County Water Resources
Flood Warnings -or- Call 311
(916) 875-4311

Sandbag information

Storm Ready public information

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