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Rancho Murieta Association


The Board of Directors of the Rancho Murieta Association (RMA), a planned unit development, is established according to the Association’s Governing Documents. Its purpose is to assure maintenance of the roads, common grounds, common facilities and to assure compliance with the governing board documents by both the Board and the members for the benefit of the members.

The Board of Directors meets at the RMA Administrative Building on the third Tuesday of each month. All members are invited to attend.

5:50 PM – Executive session
6:30 PM – Regular session

8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

RMA Administrative Building
7191 Murieta Parkway
Rancho Murieta, CA  95683
(916) 354-3500

Board of Directors


Cheryl McElhany, President
Term: 12/18 – 11/21

Joanne Brandt, Vice President
Term: 12/17 – 11/20

Rob Brown, Treasurer
Term: 12/19 – 11/22

Scott Adams, Director
Term: 12/20 – 11/23

Alex Bauer, Director
Term: 12/19-11/22

Danny Carrillo, Director
Term: 12/20 – 11/23

Tom Reimers, Director
Term: 3/19 – 11/21

Association Staff

Main phone number: (916) 354-3500
Maintenance Department: (916) 354-3358

General Manager –
Kevin Hubred

Administration, Recreation, Compliance, Governing Documents, Independence Day Celebration, Recreation Events -|
Danise Hetland, Assistant GM

Accounting, Dues Payments
& Escrow Demands –

Colleen Hagyard, Accounting Manager
Linda Hagye, Administrative Assistant

General Information, Parking Variance Forms, Boat Permits, Event Reservations, Notary Service Appointments, Reservations for: Amenity Use, RMA Building, Amphitheater, Covered Patio –
Barbara Zolliner, Receptionist

Architectural Review –
Mark Parsons, ARC Manager
April Mattice, Administrative Assistant

Common Area, Streets, Parks,
and Facilities –

Rod Hart, Maintenance Manager

Compliance Issues, Moving Violations, Appeals, Driveway Parking
Chris Smith, Compliance Officer
Danise Hetland, Assistant GM

Maintenance Service Requests –
Susan Hamrick, Administrative Assistant