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The Rancho Murieta Pickleball Club started in December 2018. A few people started playing on some of the tennis courts that were marked with pickleball court lines in Rancho Murieta South.

Pickleball has exploded in popularity, as it’s an active sport with elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong.  It’s played on a court smaller than a tennis court and is a bit easier on the knees and the shoulder due to use of the underhand serve and a whiffle ball. As of September 2021, the RM Pickleball club has 127 members and continues to grow. The RMA built six new courts at Stonehouse Park that was funded by Summerfest, the RMA and fundraising by the RM Pickleball Club.

RM Pickleball club membership is for RMA homeowners within the gates of Rancho Murieta North or South, and the cost is $25.00 per year per person. Interested persons can pick up an application form in the black brochure box at Court 5 or contact us at:

Club members will be able to sign up for occasional skills clinics and participate in fun events such as Social Round Robins, Demo Day, and a Chili Cook Off. Experienced volunteer instructors provide free beginner clinics monthly to RM Pickleball Club Members. We distribute a list of club ambassadors who are willing to give new players some playing time. There are enough courts for players of all levels.  Pickleball is a great way to meet new people, get exercise and have a lot of fun.