Our Hometown Hero: Marine LCpl Andrew Brocklehurst


While we were watching on TV, this brave young man was making history in Afghanistan.

A suicide bomb attack at Kabul’s airport in Afghanistan killed 13 U.S. service members and injured at least 18 more – making it the deadliest day for U.S. troops in 10 years.

As provided by Lindsey M. Lore,
Sister of  Marine LCpl Andrew Brocklehurst
DATE: October 11, 2021

On 8/25 at 11:58 pm…
He had messaged he was heading out.  Like always, we responded to be safe and told him we loved him. 

The next morning 8/26…
I woke up and read the breaking news and saw there was a possible explosion, things quickly began unfolding.  We realized at that point we would not be hearing from him for awhile.  We know that they must notify the family of the KIA before allowing everyone to reestablish outside communication.  My family checked in with each other often throughout the day with one another, confirming nobody had anyone from the Marine Corps knock on their door which would have been done had he been killed.  We unintentionally stayed up most of the night emotionally drained but it didn’t feel right going to sleep while still not having heard anything.  Our phones were on loud so we wouldn’t miss a call, text or front door security camera alert. 

Finally 8/27 at 3:30 AM California time…
He messaged “I’m safe. Just finished seeing off all of our fallen, the entire base lined the streets — it was beautiful.” 
What we felt afterwards was and still is confusing.  A mixture of both relief and a heavy amount of guilt. 

13 other families did have Marines knock on their door to deliver a formal message their loved one was KIA.  Several other families would learn that their loved one was severely injured.  Sgt. Tyler Andrew’s of Folsom is now a double amputee, having lost an arm and a leg.  Sgt. Nicole Gee of Roseville was KIA.  This all hits so close and could’ve easily been our Marine.  There are so many others that were KIA and also suffered life altering injuries, these are the ones right here for us. 

In the days after…
I’ve taken the time to watch every funeral that has been made public and as well as most family interviews.  Kareem Nikoui’s Father was interviewed the following day and his story was eerily similar.  Everything he described about trying to figure out how long it takes to be notified, we felt that.  We are simultaneously heartbroken by the news those families received as well as relieved it wasn’t our doors that were knocked on.


Andrew was born in September 1997 and grew up in both the Rancho Murieta North & South. 

He played Rancho Murieta Little League, Elk Grove Youth Soccer League, attended Cosumnes River Elementary School, Albiani Middle School, and Pleasant Grove High School — Class of 2016.  He was a Boy Scout in elementary school, raised FFA raising pigs throughout high school, enrolled in Young Marines and went on to join the United States Marine Corps after graduating from Pleasant Grove High School. 

He was stationed at Bangor Trident Naval Base for 2 years and is currently stationed at Camp Pendleton since 2020.  He loves coming home to visit whenever possible with friends and family here in the community.  Ever since I can remember, Andrew has played imaginatively as a Military boy and talked about becoming a Marine ever since he knew about the United States Marine Corps.