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Encircled by Lakes


Rancho Murieta is bordered by five lakes: Calero, Clementia, Chesbro, Guadalupe and Laguna Joaquin.

Rancho Murieta would not be complete without its life-giving reservoir bodies of water. Lakes Calero and Chesbro provide treated drinking water to our population, with its intake from the nearby Consumnes River. In the early 1970s the heavy equipment operators of Operating Engineers Union Local #3 constructed the reservoirs, streets and sites for Rancho Murieta’s subdivisions.

Lake Clementia is recreational with boating and swimming. This lakeside park also is the home of the Amphitheatre, Bocci Ball Courts, and covered picnic tables with barbeque pits.


Fishing, kayaking, sailing and swimming are permitted at Lake Clementia only.

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