Neighborhood COMMUNITY

Development & Planning – 2021


Rancho Murieta is growing, and development continues in our community! The best way to get up to date information about all of the developments happening in the community is on the CSD website. You will find links to the Sacramento County Planning Departments website and detailed information. Below is a brief description of what is happening with each project.

Murieta Gardens:
There are many projects within the developments planned at Murieta Gardens. First is Murieta Marketplace. This is the site where the new Bel Air is located. There are plans for multiple commercial structures, including a Starbucks.
Lot 10, PDF Office. The project has been approved by District Engineers and is on hold waiting for signatures and fees.

Lot 11, Circle K Convenience/Car Wash/ Subway. This project is waiting on comments from the developer. This project is to develop a gas station/minimart and carwash on the east side of Oakville Lane off of Highway 16.

The Murieta Gardens I & II—Infrastructure:
This portion of the project is for the installation of a storm drain.

The Murieta Gardens Highway 16 Off‐Site Improvements:
This project is to pipe the Cosumnes Irrigation Association ditch in a 42‐inch pipe, create new drainage along Highway 16, and to improve Highway 16 with an ingress and egress from the Murieta Gardens development onto Highway 16 on Lot 13.

FAA Business Park:
The project is to build three business buildings off of Cantova Lane. It is an approximately 21,800 square foot multi-tenant office warehouse complex, consisting of units ranging in size from 1,200 square feet to 5,600 square feet.

This project is a planned development of 140 residential lots on 57.35 acres located in the south community. They are in the final planning stages and hope to have grading completed before the rainy season.

The Retreats East and North:
This planned development is for medium to low density residential homes. Per the last submitted plans the North portion had 52 lots and the East portion had 10 lots, shown below. The tentative map extension is being worked on.

Rancho Murieta North – Development Project:
The properties are located on approximately 772.2 acres in the north portion of the community. The project currently consists of 827 single‐family residential lots of medium to low density residential homes within 297.1 acres, with each project subdivided into various villages as generally shown in 2017 exhibit below, 435.3 acres of open space, and 39.8 acres of commercial.

This was a planned development for 99 single‐family residential lots, one park site lot, and five open space/ drainage easement/water quality basin lots in Murieta South on 40.4 acres. There currently is no activity on this project.

Murieta South on 40.4 acres:
There is currently no activity for this project.

The Residences of Murieta Hills East:
This was a planned development for 99 residential lots. The properties are located on approximately 86.2 acres in the north portion of the community. The project revision proposed by MRK Development is to reduce the lots from 99 to 5.

Residences of Murieta Hills West:
This was a planned development for 99 single family residential lots, four open space lots, and one television Tower lot. There is currently no activity for this project.

Riverview Update

New Housing Development – Rancho Murieta South

Reynen & Bardis Homes (R&B) recently submitted improvement plans to the Rancho Murieta Association Architectural Committee for their new housing development that will be located near the Riverview Park on Reynosa Drive in Rancho Murieta South. Construction for the model homes may begin late spring or early summer, 2021, with homes scheduled to be built mid to late summer, or earlier.

More information about the Riverview Community within when Reynen & Bardis updates their website. Home construction is scheduled to last an indeterminate amount of time – RMA will provide regular updates regarding the progress of the project as soon as information is made available.